Regarding Commissions
Regarding Commissions
  •  - Commissions can take months to complete, depending on the complexity of the item and the waiting list.
  • - My main focus areas are the barbaric dark ages and Sword and Sorcery fantasy, so the idea must appeal to me for me to put a piece of my soul into the project and accept the commission.
  • - When requesting a commission, I would ask that you be as detailed as you can with the project idea, theme and historical basis. Please send inspiration photos or pictures that match the theme. However, too many specifics doesn’t leave much room for magic, so please leave the final nuances in my hands. I can usually capture an idea and give it life in physical form. Of course, I will check with you first before anything is committed to.
  • - All sales are final, no returns are accepted. All of my works come with a lifetime guarantee. Items can be returned to the shop for free repairs. However, this guarantee does not cover any use of the item that it was not designed for, or any activity that was not mentioned in the design brief.
  • - I don’t work with certain metals or materials. I avoid anything too modern like Kydex, Micarta etc. I am a Blacksmith, not a Farrier or Glass-blower. Please see examples of my work to gain an idea of what I can work with and achieve. Metals I work with include: Spring and Carbon steel for Blades, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Iron and Mild steel for fittings – Mild steel sheet for helmets and armour.
  • - When commissioning me, bear in mind that my knives work, my armour works. I will not make impractical items. Weapons from computer games are a great example of what I won’t make.
  • - Payments can be made via PayPal or cheque.
  • - I have the right to refuse any commission request before payment is accepted.
  • - Lastly, pick something dynamic and evocative, something that makes good use of my artistic nature and style.
  • If you’d like to commission me, get in touch by email for a current estimate of production time and an answer to whether I can create your dream piece!