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Steel you can Trust. Forged with Fire and Earth. Items of Power.

I have summoned into being many of these blades from somewhere only the soul remembers. What is steel compared to the hand that can forge it? I have tamed fire and harnessed the elements. Blood has flown, Vigour expended and years sacrificed in my quest to answer this riddle.

  • For me, Blacksmithing is a journey into the past, a time of Myth and Magic, of Warriors fallen and Deeds forgotten. A Sword is more than just a lifeless object to my mind. It is a symbol of ancient knowledge passed down through generations. It represents the history of the line of a people and its power lies within its secret: The Secret of Steel. A sword is the only weapon that requires you to master your ego in order to master the weapon. It is a tool of intent, so you had better know what your intention is, before you pick one up.
  • The true character of any blade is defined by its metallurgical content, hardening process and temper.
  • This unseen aspect should not be taken lightly, hence my company’s motto; ‘Steel you can trust.’
  • I go to great lengths to ensure that my blades will perform exactly as you need them to. This includes a perfectionist attitude to heat treatment.
  • The relationship between the Smith and the steel must be a close one if the creation is to have spirit. When working on a blade for long periods of time, hand forging, filing and sanding, polishing and cutting, the object receives my intent on a cellular level through the constant contact.
  • Forging steel can be hazardous; burns, UV radiation, toxic fumes and metal dust are all occupational hazards. For me this is the deal you agree to as a creator and Blacksmith. All creation demands sacrifice, so it is no small thing to bring new life into existence, even if that new life is a sword or a knife.
  • This feeling of life or “spirit” is impossible for manufacturing companies to capture, with no disrespect intended, their knives are soulless.
  • The amount of metallurgical and technical knowledge required to forge good, reliable knives is extensive, and few customers have the time to research what they are buying.
  • When you have a question about how a blade will perform, I can answer your questions with easily verified facts and information about the steels I use and the methods I employ.
  • This is the difference between competent smiths and not so competent ones. Knowledge of their craft and the versatility to help the customer understand what is going on behind the scenes.
  • I hope that you enjoy my work.
  • ~ Philip Brown, artist blacksmith

Arthur Sevestre

“I’m very very pleased indeed! I absolutely love the rawness of the blade. Not smoothly polished uniformity, but… real. Holding it still makes me grin. I’ve never seen knives so far with so much character.”

Neil O'Higgins

“Philip is a handsome gentle man, who has always been kind, genteel and self assured in his own belief that fire, with coal and tempered steel lives beyond the modern attitudes.”

Dominic Kiddell

“Great work, very well crafted, constant progress updates with pictures. Very much recommended.”

Jared Jones

“Philip will take you through the whole process of your knife being made from start to finish with pictures. And you can watch your work of art being created by an artist. Let him know what you want and he will build it. You won’t be disappointed.”